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About calls for tenders

Calls for tenders are procedures applied to generate offers from companies competing for works, supply or service contracts in the framework of public procurement.

Calls for tenders, contract awards and pre-information notices can be found online on Tender Electronic Daily (TED), the electronic version of the supplement S to the Official Journal of the European Union.

TED provides free access to business opportunities. It is updated five times a week with approximately 1500 public procurement notices from the European Union, the European Economic Area and beyond.

You can browse, search and sort procurement notices by country, region, business sector and more.

Information about every procurement document is published in the 24 official EU languages. All notices from the EU's institutions are published in full in these languages.

Hand delivery of tenders

Tenders to be hand-delivered to the commission (personal, by representative or by courier service) must be delivered to the following address :

European Commission
GROWTH Directorate-General Invitation to tender No: XXXX(ENTR or GROW)/XX(year)/XX(internal number) Name of Unit, X.X (Directorate.Unit) Avenue du Bourget, 1 1140 EVERE Belgium


See map (5 MB), small box in right-hand upper corner:
Building in Avenue du Bourget, 1-3 is displayed with acronym DAV1 (map display 100% recommended)

For more information, please call the Commission's services at Avenue du Bourget, 1:
Reception phone : +32 2 29 92 681

See also list of buildings occupied by the commission