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Single Market Economics Papers

Working papers and economic briefs produced by the Commission's Internal Market, entrepreneurship and SMEs department

What kind of publications are included?

This collection will encompass the evidence-based analytical papers of the Commission's Internal Market, entrepreneurship and SMEs department, at times in collaboration with other Commission departments. The Chief Economist Team is responsible for the series’ publication, including the peer review of the papers.

Working papers

  • Report
  • Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Federico Bartalucci

Regional vulnerability to the green transition

WP2023/16 - This paper presents an analytical framework for identifying and assessing the regional impacts of the green transition.

  • Report
  • Tommaso Crescioli, Angelo Martelli

Beyond the Great Reversal: Superstars, Unions, and the Euro

WP2022/08 - Has the Euro created a more competitive market? Using a staggered difference-in-differences design, this paper finds that the Euro has increased firm-level market power between 23% and 30%, after its adoption.

  • Report
  • Tommaso Bighelli, Matthias Mertens, Filippo Di Mauro, Marc J. Melitz

European firm concentration and aggregate productivity

WP2022/09 - This paper derives a European Herfindahl–Hirschman concentration index from 15 micro-aggregated country datasets. It finds that changes in concentration in Europe are positively associated with changes in productivity and allocative efficiency.


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