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Founder of Cirkla Modo, Circular Fashion Consultant

Alice Beyer Schuch

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Alice Beyer Schuch
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Founder of Cirkla Modo

Circular Fashion Consultant

Alice Beyer Schuch a professional with more than 20 years of international experience and the founder of Cirkla Modo – a   consultancy promoting changes for a circular fashion future, based in Hamburg, Germany.

Alice graduated in Fashion Industrial Manufacturing in Brazil, as Fashion Designer at the Italian SDC, and concluded a Master in Sustainability in Fashion in Germany.

At Cirkla Modo, she supports different clients on their next steps towards more responsible and circular fashion practices - from analogical to virtual strategies, building value-chain connections, as well as supporting communication and collaborations for the circularity of the industry.

At ELIIT, Alice aims to contribute with circular expertise for the better connection of future driven technologies with the haptic fashion world, for a prosperous and responsible future.