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Copernicus Contributing Missions access support functions and platform (PRISM)

This call for tender is for Copernicus Contributing Missions access support functions and platform (PRISM).


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Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs


This call for tender is for Copernicus Contributing Missions access support functions and platform (PRISM).

  • Number: 2018/S 091-207883

The objective of PRISM is to provide the Copernicus Data Access System (CDS) service. This includes the operations, maintenance, and evolution of existing support functions, processes, tools and infrastructure, which coordinate the data access and information flow between Copernicus Contributing Missions and Copernicus Services, as well as eligible EU institutions, public authorities and EU research projects.

This tender takes into consideration the evolution of remote sensing data, the needs of Copernicus services, and cloud-based solutions. Initially, the winning bidder should ensure the continuity of the CDS service. Subsequently, they should enhance current CDS support functions (e.g. adapting and/or replacing current CDS support functions such as its processes, tools or infrastructure), as well as realign the service to better meet user expectations, including providing state-of-the-art data access (e.g. discovery, view, download, exploitation) from all data supply entities. This should include scalable solutions, integrated web service functionalities, hosted processing, and data analytics environments as needed.


On 28 October 2014, the European Union-European Space Agency Agreement on the Implementation of the Copernicus Programme was signed and entered into force.

Within the Copernicus programme, this tender is part of the space component’s ground segment subcomponent.

Accessing the tender documents

This tender has been issued by the European Space Agency (ESA). It is published in ESA’s Electronic Mailing Invitation to Tender System (EMITS) under AIRN number 18.187.04 and AO number 1-9421. It is only open to economic operators with a registered office in an EU country, Iceland or Norway.

The ESA has made the tender’s cover letter, statement of work, special conditions and draft contract available on its tendering website and on its dedicated Copernicus server.

To access the documents, you must be registered as a potential ESA tenderer. To register, you must complete the online questionnaire.

While your registration is being processed, you can access the documents on ESA’s dedicated Copernicus server. However, you must have at least completed the “light registration” as described in the esa-star registration manual.

More information on the registration process can be found on ESA’s industry portal.

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