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Margadh Inmheánach, Tionsclaíocht, Fiontraíocht agus Fiontair Bheaga agus Mheánmhéide
Glaonna ar thairiscintíDúnta

Technical study for the development and implementation of digital building logbooks


Dáta foilsithe
Dáta oscailte
Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Cur síos

Contract notice: 2021/S 213-560491

Submission deadline: 8 December 2021 (16:00 Brussels local time)

Number: GROW/2021/OP/0014

The technical study will aim at the development of a semantic data model and a data management plan for digital building logbooks as well as of a standardised approach for data collection, data management and interoperability including its implementation framework. The technical study will also develop guidelines for EU countries in implementing digital building logbooks, while addressing challenges such as data collection, licences and linking of existing databases.


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