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Workshop on the extended generic risk management approach under REACH

On 21 March 2022, an online workshop was held on the extension of the generic approach to risk management (GRA) under the REACH Regulation. The workshop was organised in the context of the planned reform of the REACH authorisation and restriction system based on the 2018 REACH Review2 and as announced in the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability(CSS). The planned reform aims to build on the positive experiences in implementing the REACH authorisation and restriction processes and address their current weakness and inefficiencies.

The main objective of the workshop was to present the first results and assumptions made on uses of the most harmful substances that may be subject to GRA in the future. Participants were invited to critically review the information extracted from the REACH registration data and the use maps prepared based on that data, and validate it and complete where necessary. At the later stage, the developed use maps will serve as a basis for assessing the impacts of potential restrictions based on generic risk assumptions. 

  • chemicals legislation | single market | environmental policy
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REACH Workshop report
(820.86 KB - PDF)
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REACH Workshop report - Annex 2, background paper
(2.11 MB - PDF)
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REACH Workshop report - Annex 3, presentation of the CEFIC study
(1.77 MB - PDF)
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REACH Workshop report - Annex 4, presentation of the VVA Consortium
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