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Advertising sector joins forces to fight against counterfeiting and piracy

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Today, 28 companies and associations signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on online advertising and intellectual property rights (IPR). This initiative, facilitated by the European Commission, brings together advertisers, advertising intermediaries and associations.

The aim of this voluntary agreement is to minimise the placement of advertising on websites and mobile applications that infringe copyright or disseminate counterfeit goods. This will help to curtail the revenues of these websites and apps.

The signatories will work together with the Commission to monitor the impact and effectiveness of the MoU on the online advertising market. The MoU, which complements similar national initiatives, will be assessed after a year, during which the signatories will meet quarterly to analyse its progress, implementation and functioning.

The full list of signatories is available.

The MoU was signed at the EU Blockathon 2018 competition in Brussels, the first hackathon dedicated to developing blockchain-based solutions to fight counterfeiting and piracy.

As announced in the package of measures on the protection of intellectual property rights adopted in November 2017 and building on the positive experiences under the MoU on the sale of counterfeit goods via the internet, the Commission continues to support industry-led initiatives to combat IPR infringements.

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