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Presseartikel17. März 2022Generaldirektion Binnenmarkt, Industrie, Unternehmertum und KMU

The ‘Best Practices from the 2022 EDEN competition’ report is now online

The European Commission has published the first edition of the EDEN Best Practices Report. We derived the collection of best practices from the applications destinations submitted for the 2022 European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) competition. 

The report showcases the most innovative sustainable tourism projects, ideas and initiatives, solely presenting and relying on data destinations submitted in their applications.

The European Commission introduced EDEN in 2007 as an initiative to reward non-traditional, emerging sustainable tourism destinations in Europe based on national competitions. We have updated and redesigned the initiative because of the European Green Deal goals, now also aiming to contribute to the resilience of tourism destinations. EDEN covers EU countries as well non-EU countries participating in the COSME programme. The competition addresses smaller tourism destinations that can showcase their outstanding achievements in sustainability and inspire other tourism destinations in their green transition.

The Best Practices report aims to raise awareness about sustainable tourism tools, initiatives and projects, sharing the best practices in sustainable tourism implemented by destinations and strengthening peer-to-peer learning and innovative development of tourism.

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Datum der Veröffentlichung
17. März 2022
Generaldirektion Binnenmarkt, Industrie, Unternehmertum und KMU

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