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Comunicado de imprensa24 junho 2019Direção-Geral do Mercado Interno, da Indústria, do Empreendedorismo e das PME

Commission publishes recommendations on improving the single market for food

Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska, responsible for the Internal Market Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs said: “The forum has done important work to counter unfair trading practices, improve producer cooperation and improve transparency in the food supply chain. Today’s report points towards a number of important outstanding issues. By improving the single market for food, we can boost the efficiency of the food sector and create new jobs.”

The Juncker Commission has been developing the industrial policy in the agro-food sector and related policy measures, which contribute to a better functioning of the food supply chain. The forum, consisting of representatives of consumers, NGOs, food chain operators and EU countries, assisted the Commission with this task. Building on the work of the forum, the Commission has put forward proposals to address unfair trading practices, improve producer cooperation and introduce greater price transparency.

To increase transparency, the forum proposes to create a price composition indicator to be launched in autumn. It will show how consumer expenditure is distributed within the food supply chain. The call for tender for this project has been opened today. The report also highlights the lack of harmonised rules and uneven enforcement in certain areas as well as problems with territorial supply constraints.

Furthermore, the report provides recommendations on how to better respond to consumer concerns on dual food quality and provide better information to them. The forum gave a mandate to the Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) to develop a common methodology for comparing the quality of food products across the EU. The JRC then conducted a pan-European testing campaign of food products, the results of which have been published today by the Commission.

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