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Mercado Interno, Indústria, Empreendedorismo e PME
Notícia28 de março de 2022Direção-Geral do Mercado Interno, da Indústria, do Empreendedorismo e das PME

Commission seeks views on EU rules on cosmetic products

Today, the Commission launched a public consultation on the upcoming targeted revision of the EU rules on cosmetic products. 

In line with the objectives of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, we seek feedback from all interested parties to further improve existing provisions relevant to the safety of various hazardous substances and their exceptional and stringent use in cosmetics. It also gauges the views on other topics such as nanomaterials, simplified labelling and how to set a more efficient process for the safety assessment of chemical substances by scientific committees. Today’s consultation follows a four week-consultation on the inception impact assessment published in October 2021. The Commission will use the results of both consultations to assess the relevance of new measures to further cost-effectively improve the safety of cosmetic products and ensure free movement of cosmetic products within the single market. The consultation is open until 21 June.

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Public consultation on cosmetics

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28 de março de 2022
Direção-Geral do Mercado Interno, da Indústria, do Empreendedorismo e das PME

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