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Article d’actualité6 mai 2021Direction générale du marché intérieur, de l’industrie, de l’entrepreneuriat et des PME

ELIIT second call for proposals at a glance

The second call for proposals for the European light industries innovation and technology project (ELIIT project) ended on April 14. In total, 395 textile, clothing, leather and footwear (TCLF) SMEs and 328 technology owners/providers registered on the ELIIT EMS platform. This is an essential step, and a prerequisite for proposing partnerships between the two parties.

As part of the second call, ELIIT received 96 partnership proposals. Of this total, 76 proposals were for partnerships in the textile and clothing sectors, and 20 were for the leather and footwear sectors. These partnership proposals came from 28 countries participating in the EU’s COSME programme for small and medium-sized enterprises.

These proposals will now be evaluated in a two-stage process.

  • 1st phase – internal evaluation. This evaluation phase will finish in mid-May. The projects that ARE NOT selected in this phase will then receive feedback from the internal evaluators.
  • 2nd phase – external evaluation. The second evaluation process performed by the Steering Board experts will finish at the end of June. The selected projects will then be announced and the projects that are not selected will receive feedback.

The partnerships between TCLF SMEs and technology owners/providers that are lucky enough to be selected during the second evaluation will benefit from:

  • €70,000 in financial support to develop products or prototypes with high added-value and profitability
  • tailored coaching to improve the relevancy of the project and increase its potential
  • networking and participation in workshops/conferences and exhibitions to aid market-positioning and build business relationships
  • intellectual property rights organisation and guidance

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