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Лого на Европейската комисия
Вътрешен пазар, промишленост, предприемачество и МСП
Новинарска статия16 декември 2021Генерална дирекция „Вътрешен пазар, промишленост, предприемачество и МСП“

European Clusters Panorama 2021: a comprehensive picture of economic activity across the EU and industrial ecosystems

Today, the Commission published the 2021 edition of the European Cluster Panorama. European clusters are groups of firms, related economic players, and institutions that are located near each other and have reached a sufficient scale to develop specialised expertise, services, resources, suppliers and skills.

Today's European Cluster Panorama report presents the state of play of clusters in Europe and the role they play in fostering resilient, green and digital industrial ecosystems in regional economies. The report gives a comprehensive picture of the concentration of economic activity and cluster organisations in EU countries based on sectoral data for employment and value-added across the 14 European industrial ecosystems identified in the updated Industrial Strategy.

The report comes with an interactive mapping tool, which maps over 1,000 cluster organisations, and inspiring examples of policies and practices to support clusters' mission through a Policy Toolkit. Clusters represent about 25% of EU employment and are located across 201 regions in Europe. Over 80% of European cluster organisations support companies in their digital transition and more than 60% support the green transition. The Commission integrates and activates clusters through the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, which supports collaboration among clusters, internationalisation, matchmaking, access to public and private funding, communication and advisory services. See more information on cluster policy. 

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