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European Commission unveils ProcurCompEU – the European Competency Framework for Public Procurement Professionals

Voluntary, free to use, and customisable, ProcurCompEU is designed to serve as a common reference point for procurement professionals in the EU and beyond. It:

  • facilitates recruitment, training, and career development
  • allows organisations to manage their human resources successfully
  • improves the competence level of public procurement professionals
  • focuses on the multidisciplinary and strategic dimension of procurement

The ProcurCompEU package contains:

  • a Competency Matrix, which defines the competences and skills public procurement professionals should have depending on the role they perform
  • a Self-Assessment Tool, which public procurement professionals and organisations can use to assess their levels of proficiency and organisational maturity
  • a Generic Training Curriculum, which will help develop appropriate training programmes
  • a Study on professionalisation of public procurement in the EU and beyond, which takes stock of competency-based human resource management in the EU countries and selected third countries


To drive the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, public procurement needs to deliver quality and value for money, now more than ever. To do this, public buyers must have the necessary skills, knowledge, and integrity to ensure effective and efficient public procurement that will contribute to a digital, green, and resilient recovery.

In its 2017 ‘Recommendation on the professionalisation of public procurement’, the European Commission encouraged Member States to invest in the professionalisation of their public buyers.

More information

ProcurCompEU on the European Commission e-Competence Centre

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