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European Single Procurement Document: over 40 electronic services already available across the EU to make it easier for suppliers to bid for tenders

Since the introduction of the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) in 2016, the European Commission has been supporting its uptake and helping Member States to put their own electronic ESPD services in place.

The ESPD allows all suppliers to electronically self-declare that they meet the necessary requirements, and only the winning company needs to submit all the documentation proving that it qualifies for the contract.

To facilitate the use of the ESPD, the Commission developed a free, web-based system for Member States and businesses. This was a transitional solution that was always supposed to be in place only until market solution become available.

Since over 40 ESPD services are now available and all Member States have put in place at least 1, the Commission is phasing out its transitional solution.

The obligation to use the ESPD remains in force and Member States and suppliers can meet it by using the national ESPD services.

The Commission will continue to promote the development and interoperability of national ESPD services in Europe to facilitate access to public procurement across the single market and to support the development of better public services.

This will make the participation of suppliers in tenders even simpler and further improve their access to public procurement across the EU.

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