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European Tourism Agenda 2030: Commission welcomes the commitment of EU countries to make tourism greener, more digital and resilient

The Commission welcomes the adoption of the European Tourism Agenda 2030 by the Council of the European Union. The Agenda is based on the Commission’s Transition Pathway for Tourism and includes a programme with actions to be taken by the EU countries, the Commission, as well as the tourism ecosystem.

The Agenda covers five priority areas: green transition, digital transition, resilience and inclusion, skills and support, and the enabling policy framework and governance. Several actions are defined under each priority, such as diversifying tourism services across seasons and locations, reducing environmental footprint and supporting the accessibility of tourism. Another key objective of the Agenda is to meet the skills demand in the tourism ecosystem by implementing the Pact for skills, a shared engagement model for skills development.

Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton, said: “The EU Tourism Agenda 2030 is a major milestone for the tourism ecosystem. It will serve as a common compass for Member States, stakeholders and the Commission to work together towards a greener, more digital and resilient tourism ecosystem. The Commission is committed to supporting its successful implementation. For example, our recent proposal to improve data-sharing on short-term accommodation rentals corresponds to a key action of the agenda and will pave the way for the creation of a European data space for tourism”. 

The Commission worked closely with Council Presidencies and Member States to ensure synergies between the European Tourism Agenda and the transition pathway for tourism. The Agenda follows the Council Conclusions of May 2021 where EU countries committed to design an agenda for tourism.

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