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Lehdistötiedote5 helmikuu 2019Sisämarkkinoiden, teollisuuden, yrittäjyyden ja pk-yritystoiminnan pääosasto

First meeting of the Circular Plastics Alliance

Participants of the first meeting of the Circular Plastics Alliance

The event took place during the 2019 EU Industry Days. Vice-President Katainen chaired the first meeting.

The participants endorsed the EU target of 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics used in the EU in 2025. They confirmed their commitment to working together along the plastics value chains, and agreed on five priority topics for future work:

  • collection and sorting of plastic waste
  • product design for recycling
  • recycled plastic content in products
  • R&D and investments, including chemical recycling
  • monitoring of recycled plastics sold in the EU

Working level meetings were organised immediately afterward to investigate concrete solutions.

List of participants

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