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News article21 October 2021

Launch of new intellectual property helpdesk service for European SMEs doing business in Africa

Starting this month, a new EU funded helpdesk will provide European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with free first-line support on how to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights (IP) in Africa.

The Africa IP SME Helpdesk complements existing IP helpdesks for EU businesses in Europe, China, India, Latin America, and South-East Asia.

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One of the biggest concerns for European SMEs trading with or investing in international markets is how to protect and enforce their IP outside of the EU. To help companies tackle this challenge, the Africa IP SME helpdesk offers free-of-charge, first-line IP support to European SMEs already operating in or planning to do business in Africa. The service comprises a set of support actions including a jargon-free, tailormade and confidential helpline to answer questions on IP and related issues, as well as web-based training sessions, information materials, and online resources.


Publication date
21 October 2021