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Вътрешен пазар, промишленост, предприемачество и МСП
Прес комюнике6 Декември 2019 г.Генерална дирекция „Вътрешен пазар, промишленост, предприемачество и МСП“

Meeting of 50 European gold-label clusters


The first session covered the way forward for the European cluster excellence labelling. In world café style, participants discussed practical aspects of the labelling process, indicators and how to better use the cluster excellence labelling in cluster policy and programmes.

In the second session, participants proposed 9 topics to discuss their needs for cluster policy actions at regional, national and EU level. The 3 topics that gathered the greatest interest were

  • the relation between clusters and digital innovation hubs
  • the definition of clusters
  • internationalisation

The final, third, session gathered valuable insights and feedback for the development of the next generation of EU cluster initiatives. Notably, for the joint cluster initiatives proposed under the single market program, which included feedback on key activities, thematic and value chain focus, actors to involve and how to build synergies with other activities.

The day before, there were additional meetings with representatives of the national cluster associations coming together in the new European Cluster Alliance. There were also meetings of organisations involved in the working group on setting-up the future European cluster excellence association and the European secretariat for cluster analysis, which run the labelling scheme for cluster excellence. This event is part of our aim to promote cluster cooperation throughout Europe and to support excellence in cluster management to benefit SMEs.

See more detailed information on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

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