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Belső piac, ipar-, vállalkozás- és kkv-politika
Sajtóközlemény2021. május 11.Belső Piaci, Ipar-, Vállalkozás- és Kkv-politikai Főigazgatóság

Single Market Enforcement Task Force meets to tackle cross boarder restrictions discuss updated industrial strategy

This afternoon, the European Commission and EU countries will hold the fifth formal meeting of the Single Market Enforcement Task Force (SMET).

The task force will discuss, among other things, the steps taken to tackle cross-border restrictions in the area of regulated professions and restrictive measures in the agri-food sector.

The meeting will be a first opportunity for the Commission to present the recently adopted EU industrial strategy update to SMET members.

The SMET was established in April 2020, following its announcement in the Single market enforcement action plan as part of the Commission’s March 2020 industrial strategy package.

The task force provides a platform for EU countries and the Commission to work together on removing concrete barriers in the single market and ensure its proper functioning.


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