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Komunikat prasowy21 czerwca 2021Dyrekcja Generalna ds. Rynku Wewnętrznego, Przemysłu, Przedsiębiorczości i MŚP

Stakeholder consultation on the transition pathway for tourism

To initiate the co-creation process, the Commission prepared a staff working document outlining possible scenarios for a transition pathway toward a more resilient, sustainable and innovative tourism ecosystem.

Commissioner Breton invites stakeholders to reflect and contribute to the scenarios for 2030 and list key enablers for the transition of the tourism ecosystem. The document invites the stakeholders to work together and propose concrete actions, commitments and investments at sectoral, national and regional levels of the tourism ecosystem. It also asks stakeholders for an assessment of scale, cost, benefits and conditions of the required actions to accompany the twin transition of European tourism.

Please share your contribution through the EU Survey questionnaire open until 15 September 2021.

Based on your input, we will deepen and focus the debate with dedicated stakeholder workshops this autumn.

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