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News article19 October 2022Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Tourism: Commission launches a new dashboard to help public authorities and tourism destinations improve their offer

The Commission launched the EU Tourism Dashboard, a new tool to help policy makers at national and regional level to steer policies and strategies in the tourism sector.

It aims to improve access to statistics and policy-relevant indicators for tourism, in particular supporting destinations and public authorities in tracking their progress in the green and digital transition.

The EU Tourism Dashboard uses a range of consistent and evidence-based indicators, enabling decision makers and managers to recognise vulnerabilities such as high seasonality or high dependence on visitors from only a few geographical origins, as well as identify key marketing advantages such as excellent bathing waters or diversity of tourism offers.

The EU Tourism Dashboard was developed with the support of the Commission’s Joint Research Centre, which will be responsible for the maintenance and continuous development of the tool. The Dashboard responds to a call for such a tool by EU countries in May 2021 and will be further developed and expanded in collaboration with EU countries’ experts. The EU Tourism Dashboard will be made progressively available in all official EU languages. The initiative contributes to the Transition Pathway for Tourism published in February 2022, which was created in collaboration with public and private EU tourism stakeholders.

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