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News article26 April 2024Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs1 min read

World IP Day: Building our common future with innovation and creativity

World IP Day 2024 banner

Today on World IP Day, we celebrate the pivotal role that IP plays in propelling the technologies essential to realising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) both in the EU and globally. The choice of the SDGs as this year’s theme underscores the profound impact of IP in steering us toward a more equitable and sustainable future.

Since unveiling our ambitious IP action plan in November 2020, significant strides have been made in fortifying IP protection and bolstering the single market, benefitting innovative enterprises across the EU.

A notable milestone in EU IP policy was reached with the implementation of the unitary patent system, which harmonises patent protection across EU countries. Additionally, in April 2023, we introduced the 'patent package’, a set of proposals aimed at fostering a more transparent and efficient patent framework.

Furthermore, new rules have been instituted to afford geographical indication (GI) protection to craft and industrial products throughout the EU. GIs serve as guardians of product authenticity by safeguarding names associated with specific regions, such as Herend porcelain (HU) and Donegal tweed (IE).

Also, by modernising the rules on EU designs protection, we’re promoting design excellence, innovation and competitiveness in the EU, while ensuring fair competition in the spare parts aftermarket.

We have also delivered on our commitment to intensify IP enforcement with our recommendation to combat counterfeiting. Also known as the EU toolbox against counterfeiting, it gives companies the tools they need to combat counterfeiting and increase their ability to protect their IP.

Today, as we commemorate World IP Day, we renew our dedication to nurturing innovation and creativity, essential drivers of progress on the path to a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

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