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Stqarrija għall-istampa28 Novembru 2019Direttorat Ġenerali għas-Suq Intern, l-Industrija, l-Intraprenditorija u l-SMEs

Your input wanted to update the 'Blue Guide' on EU product rules

The so-called ‘Blue Guide’ explains EU product rules and helps businesses and national inspectors apply these rules across different sectors and throughout the single market. We've started preparations for a new update of the Blue Guide and we're looking for your suggestions.

This update will reflect new EU legislation and in particular Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 on market surveillance. It will also include any relevant developments at international level. The new update should also better cover the digital age and the circular economy.

However, the aim is not to rewrite the Blue Guide completely, but rather to address any issues that may have come up due to new developments, or to develop further any points that would merit additional clarification in the current version.

Please send your suggestions on issues that should be included in the update by 15 January 2020 to


The Blue Guide not only helps businesses and national inspectors on the implementation of EU products rules, it is also used by trade and consumer associations, standardisation bodies and conformity assessment bodies.

It was drafted in close cooperation with national authorities and interested parties. The Blue Guide is a living document with regular updates. It was last updated in 2016.

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