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Competitiveness of the European cement and lime sectors

The European Commission has published the final report of a study assessing the competitiveness of the European cement and lime sectors.

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9 vasaris 2018
Vidaus rinkos, pramonės, verslumo ir MVĮ generalinis direktoratas


The study aims to assess the competitiveness of the EU cement and lime sectors.

The mature cement and lime industry sectors are vital for a range of downstream industries, products and services. Over the past 10 years, both sectors have witnessed major downturns, and future prospects are uncertain.

These sectors and, in turn, policymakers, need a better understanding of how resilient the sectors are when responding to external shocks. Notably to changes in demand, but also to regulatory reforms and new initiatives (at EU, national, regional and local levels).

Final report of the study

Summary of the final report