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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
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Economic and legal analysis of the factors leading to a low rate of publication of public procurement opportunities in Germany

The objective of this study was to conduct an analysis of public procurement in Germany to explore the reasons behind the low values of contract notices of tenders published in the EU-wide tendering platform TED.


Datum der Veröffentlichung
7 Juni 2019
Generaldirektion Binnenmarkt, Industrie, Unternehmertum und KMU


Opening up EU public procurement markets is an important lever for economic growth, but transparency is a prerequisite for businesses to be able to seize the opportunities on offer.

Germany has one of the lowest values of contract notices published in TED under EU public procurement legislation. Including utilities, these contracts only make up 1.6% of GDP, compared to the EU average of 4.14% (2017 data). This may hinder the effective spending of public money and cause German and European companies to miss out on business opportunities.

As data on public procurement is scarce, the causes of this comparatively low value are difficult to determine. This study explores the reasons for the lack of transparency, as better information can enable a more targeted policy approach when it comes to opening up the German public procurement market.