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Guide to Geographic Indications in China

‘Champagne’ may be regarded as a type of ’sparkling wine’, but it carries with it a highly-regarded reputation as a beverage with a specific fine taste and quality.


The same can be said of ’Bordeaux wine’, ’Parma ham’ and ’Roquefort cheese’. Such stated origins that create an association with a product’s quality, reputation or other characteristics are called Geographical Indications (GIs), which are often internationally recognised and sought after, not least in China’s large and growing imported food market. When a business intends to export products that come from a specific geographical region to China obtaining a GI registration can provide the necessary proof of the product’s origin, thus increasing trust among consumers. This guide takes producers and intermediaries through the necessary steps to register GIs, which enables them to market their produce, via their region of origin, exclusively in China.