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Making socially responsible public procurement work: 71 good practice cases

This publication aims to inspire public buyers around Europe to buy social. It contains a collection of 71 good practice cases showing how public buyers have implemented socially responsible public procurement (SRPP) to promote employment...


SRPP asks public buyers to look beyond the price of products or services and consider how they are produced, sourced, and delivered. The 71 cases in the SRPP report show that public buyers who want to use procurement to strategically deliver positive social outcomes have a wide range of legal and practical tools available.

The report compiles cases from 27 countries, including 22 EU countries and 5 non-EU countries. The cases address a diverse selection of products and services and encompass all phases of the public procurement process. They also include a broad range of public buyers from local and national governments to public hospitals. These good practices further show that SRPP is possible in a wide array of sectors.

Making socially responsible public procurement work - 71 good practices cases

Good practice cases

Procurement procedures

Policies and approaches