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Apprenticeships for the construction industry of tomorrow

Companies and/or organisations interested in making a pledge should complete the application form.

Pledges could address, for example:

  • increasing the number and quality of apprenticeship places in the construction sector
  • introducing elements of training in companies, construction training centres and/or schools that have not previously taken part in such schemes
  • strengthening specific training in the construction sector, such as for energy efficiency, resource efficiency or digital economy
  • transferring apprenticeship schemes which have proven their success in a country/region to another country/region where no such scheme is being used
  • improving existing apprenticeship models, both general schemes practiced in a country/region and specific schemes in individual companies, to increase the quality, efficiency and visibility of such apprenticeship training models.

What's in it for your organisation?

By taking part in this campaign, your commitment becomes visible at EU level. The EAfA serves as a public platform to showcase commitments and to facilitate networking, cooperation and the sharing of good practices.

In 2017, 2 participants from the construction sector received the EAfA Award:

  • Schleiff Bauflächentechnik GmbH & Co(SME category) - for integrating refugees into the labour market through its apprenticeship programme
  • Hannah Colston (apprentices category) - as an exceptionally motivated advocate of VET and apprenticeships

Current pledges in the construction industry include pledges from the following organisations:

AuthorType of organisationCountryStart yearArea of action
European Builders Confederation EBCProfessional bodies and networks, BusinessesEurope2015Supply, Quality, Image, Mobility
FIEC, The European Construction Industry Federation - EFBWW, the European Federation of Building and WoodWorkersSocial partnersEurope2015Supply, Quality, Image, Mobility
UNIEP - International Union of Painting ContractorsProfessional bodies and networksEurope2015Quality, Image, Mobility
Fundación Laboral de la ConstrucciónNon-profit organisations, Education and training providersSpain2015Supply, Quality, Image, Mobility
Bouwunie, Unie van het KMO bouwbedrijfSocial partners, Education and training providersBelgium2015Supply, Quality, Image
Panhellenic Association of Engineers Contractors of Public Works (PEDMEDE)Social partners, Chambers of Commerce/Industry/Crafts, BusinessesGreece2015Supply, Quality, Image, Mobility
Berufsförderungswerk der Bauindustrie NRW gGmbH, Ausbildungszentrum der Bauindustrie Kerpen (ABZ Kerpen)Education and training providersGermany2015Mobility
Berufskolleg der Bauwirtschaft GmbHEducation and training providersGermany2015Supply
Confédération Construction Bruxelles-Capitale (CCBC)Social partnersBelgium2015Supply, Quality, Image
Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics – FNTPProfessional bodies and networks, Social partnersFrance2016Supply, Quality, Image, Mobility
The Danish Construction AssociationSocial partnersDenmark2016Supply, Image
Franz Trippe GmbHBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality
HÖHLER GmbH & Co. KGBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Image
Blandfort Tief- und Straßenbau GmbH & Co. KGBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality
Heinrich Mai & Sohn GmbHBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
Isoliertechnik Fritz Hartmann Nachf. GmbHBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Image
ANAEPA - The National association of artisans of construction decorators, house painter or similarProfessional bodies and networksItaly2016Quality
Berufsförderungswerk des Hamburger BaugewerbesNon-profit/youth organisations, Education and training providersGermany2016Image
Federation of Master Builders (FMB)Professional bodies and networksUnited Kingdom2016Supply, Quality, Image
Hans-Dieter Büschkes GmbH & Co.KGBusinessesGermany2016Supply
Berufsförderungswerk e.V. des Bauindustrieverbandes Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.Education and training providersGermany2016Supply, Qualityy
Kai Buschhaus Bau GmbHBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
BiW (Educational provider) and HDB (German Construction Industry Federation)Professional bodies and networksBulgaria/ Germany2016Mobility
Jorg Ottemeier StuckbetriebBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image, Mobility
Künzel BauunternehmenBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality
Johannes Schmitz ZimmereiBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
Josef Prell GmbHBusinessesGermany2016Image, Mobility
STRABAG – Direktion Köln/DüsseldorfBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Mobility
Altun Gleis- und TiefbauBusinessesGermany2016Quality, Image
ABZ MannheimEducation and training providersGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
ABZ KarlsruheEducation and training providersGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
Bau-Innung Rhein-NeckarProfessional bodies and networksGermany2016Quality, Image
Verband Bauwirtschaft Nordbaden e.V.Professional bodies and networksGermany2016Image
Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes e. V. (BZB)Education and training providersGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
Adolf Lupp GmbH + Co KGBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
Berufsförderungswerk der Bauindustrie NRW gGmbH Ausbildungszentrum Essen GmbHEducation and training providersGermany2016Supply, Quality
Kolu TiefbauBusinessesGermany2016Quality, Image, Mobility
Berufsförderungswerk der Bauindustrie NRW gGmbH Ausbildungszentrum HammEducation and training providersGermany2016Image
Bau-ABC RostrupEducation and training providersGermany2016Supply, Quality
Baugewerbliche VerbändeProfessional bodies and networksGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
Johannes Debusmann BauunternehmungBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality
Koch GmbH BauunternehmungBusinessesGermany2016Quality, Image
GmbH Philippen TiefbauBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality
Schleiff Bauflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KGBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
Zentralverband Deutsches BaugewerbeProfessional bodies and networksGermany2016Supply, Image
Heinrich Weber, Straßen- und Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KGBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
Schotes Hochbau GmbHBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality
Stuck Belz Inh. Michael ChristmannBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Image
Handwerkskammer Aachen - Bildungszentrum BGZ SimmerathChambers of Commerce/Industry/CraftsGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
Confédération de l’Artisanat et des Petites Entreprises du Bâtiment - CAPEBSocial partnersFrance2016Image
Gebr. Hölscher Bauunternehmung GmbHBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
Hans-Hermann HürthBusinessesGermany2016Supply, Quality, Image
Karl Heinz Stevens Bedachungen GmbH & Co. KGBusinessesGermany2016Image
Fédération genevoise des métiers du bâtimentNon-profit/youth organisations, Social partnersSwitzerland2017Supply, Quality, Image, Mobility
CCCA-BTP (Comité de concertation et de coordination de l’apprentissage du bâtiment et des travaux publics)Professional bodies and networks, Education and training providersFrance2017Supply, Quality, Image, Mobility

Study on construction sector apprenticeships

Monitoring the learning commitment in construction (3 MB) (2017) – this study has provided an insight into construction sector apprenticeships, while mapping and assessing the implementation of construction pledges submitted until now. It has also compiled an inventory of novel, specific and/or effective solutions to the key challenges surrounding apprenticeships in the construction sector.

Further information

The contribution of combined practical work-based training and theoretical school learning to support youth employment and economic competitiveness is widely recognised. Countries with strong and attractive Vocational Education and Training (VET) systems, and notably those with well-established apprenticeship systems, tend to perform better in terms of youth employment and industrial competitiveness.

A website providing first-hand information about existing initiatives for youth in EU countries has been developed by the Social Partners of the construction industry: