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Head of Advanced Technology Department, Institute of Leather Industry

Robert Gajewski

Robert Gajewski
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Former steering board memberMentor



Head of Advanced Technology Department, Institute of Leather Industry

Since 1996, I have been working at the Institute of the Leather Industry. My main fields of expertise include: anatomy and physiology, diagnostics and biomechanics of the lower extremities, ergonomics of shoes, and the development of orthopaedic devices (shoes, insoles, and orthoses).

Throughout my career I have acquired experience in most aspects of footwear and clothing and the production of footwear materials and accessories. In addition to the technical aspects of production, I have also been involved in reducing the ecological impact of footwear manufacture and have taken part in the development of eco-friendly solutions.

Moreover, I have been involved in the implementation of new technologies at various enterprises. I have facilitated the transfer of knowledge - both developed by me (in my company) as well as that developed at other institutions. As an adviser/consultant employed by footwear companies I have had the opportunity to familiarise myself with all aspects of running a modern business.