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DFN - Dyeing from Nature

The combination of the skills of Fili Pari and Dyeberg mutually find opportunities to grow and overcome their limits.

Sectors covered
Technology innovation in textile & clothing
Innovation priority
Circular economy and resource efficiency


The combination of the skills of Fili Pari and Dyeberg mutually find opportunities to grow and overcome their limits. Fili Pari has the opportunity to access cutting-edge machinery and production processes, and collaborate with experts in the industrial dyeing sector for the development of innovative products. While Dyeberg can increase the value of its dyeing method with low water and energy impact, using natural and waste materials by replacing the chemical pigments used up to now and offering on the market a collection of sustainable dyed yarns respecting the environment and resources.

Dyeberg Spa is a company specialized in dyeing and winding of yarns for third parties. The company strongly believes in research and development as a driver of innovation and developed new dyeing technologies. The company work on orders from clients to dye different yarn fiber in different possible quantities, in a flexible way of work.

Fili Pari is an innovative startup that creates garments with innovative patented materials, starting from a natural raw element, symbol of the Italian territory, MARBLE respecting the circular economy. Our marble-based know-how allows us to enhance the by-products of stone industries using other textile processes


DYEING FROM NATURE is a project with the aim to create an optimized dyeing process that can exploit the most innovative technologies to provide sustainable and efficient solutions.

The partnership wants to create a collection of natural and recycled yarns, developed for the textile sector, dyed in a new sustainable way thanks to the natural colors of marble and a patented production process able to optimize energy and water consumption (up to 150%).

The business objectives for the commercial exploitation of the new technology are envisaged in two ways: on the one hand, the B2B sale of the marble-dyed yarns by Dyeberg, and on the other side the use of the marble-dyed fabrics by Fili Pari for its own fashion brand, using it as a fabrics for garments.

Outcome of ELIIT project support

Impact (to date)

Progress to date with Eliit support:

  • The chance to dedicate time and effort on the project;
  • Production test on differents yarns;
  • Support by Mentor to create a strategy and not only a product;


SME: Dyeberg Spa

Country: Italy
Year of creation: 1988
More information: company website 

Technical provider: Fili Pari Srl

Country: Italy
Year of creation: 2020
More information: company website ;