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Margadh Inmheánach, Tionsclaíocht, Fiontraíocht agus Fiontair Bheaga agus Mheánmhéide


Develop a MYcelium based Exclusive Capsule collection exploiting digital technologies and sustainable bio-design

Sectors covered
Technology innovation in footwear & leather
Innovation priority
Smart, high-performance materials


Bond, an Italian SME with 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of apparel for luxury brands, and Mogu, an award-winning, innovation-driven Italian SME developing mycelium-based technologies, have joined forces to develop EMYCLOTH: a fully natural, mycelium-based dress derived from biofabrication processes. To this end, the partners have leveraged the opportunities offered by digital technologies and inspiring, innovative, sustainable-by-design patterns.


EMYCLOTH aims at meeting the challenges posed by urgent social and environmental issues (and related trends) through disruptive, sustainable innovations within the new-materials value chain resulting in unique products.

The technical objectives of EMYCLOTH include the upscaling of aesthetic features and customisation, the gaining of a sustainable competitive advantage and optimisation of the biofabrication process.

From an environmental point of view, the project aims to further increase the use of waste streams and by-products from other value chains, to virtually eliminate release of microplastics into the environment and to reduce the overall water footprint.

Regarding social aspects, EMYCLOTH introduces digital and green upskilling for both existing and new workers and eliminates hazardous substances from its biofabrication and digital tailoring processes, thereby protecting the health of both workers and users.

Outcome of ELIIT project support


The support provided by ELIIT has made it possible to establish and strengthen the partnership between Mogu and Bond, and to use innovative mycelium-based material for the creation of unique wearables and accessories.

Thus far, this has helped to provide both companies with visibility and further collaborative opportunities, while increasing the fashion industry’s interest in the project. The capsule collections that will be developed are expected to open further doors for new business and partnerships.

Targeting the high-end luxury market, EMYCLOTH is expected to cost between EUR 1 100 and EUR 1 200; accordingly, the final price of the flexible mycelium-based material is currently estimated at EUR 200/m2. The ELIIT project   will increase both partners’ margins due to gains in process cost-efficiency  thanks to a 74.4% reduction in production costs.

In the upcoming phases, EMYCLOTH will develop two exclusive capsule collections (winter/autumn and spring/summer). The collections will be brought to market through one-to-one presentations at the showrooms of two luxury brands and exhibited at international sectoral fairs (e.g. Lineapelle). By the end of the project, Bond plans to have signed at least one commercial agreement with a luxury brand

Increasing demand and high process adaptability will lead to the development of two more  collections 1 year after the end of the project.


SME:Bond Factory

Country: Italy
Year of creation: 1987
More information:company website, Dylona - Instagram, Blog, D-House Laboratorio Urbano - Instagram, Dyloan - LinkedIn, D-House - LinkedIn,

Technical provider: Mogu s.r.l.

Country: Italy
Year of creation: 2015
More information:company website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest