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Sectors covered
Technology innovation in textile & clothing
Innovation priority
Advanced digitised manufacturing, value chains and business models
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The 'FeelMoreKnitwear' prototype solution is 'smart' knitted sportswear with high-tech sensor yarns integrated into the textile pattern. These sensors then collect and 'decode' critical biometric data, such as Electrocardiogram (ECG), Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and body movements for management and improvement of the wearer’s physical and emotional health during exercise.

This integration of the sensors into the fabric does not mean the clothes become some sort of spacesuit, they remain comfortable and appealing to the wearer while containing discrete sensors. A working prototype has already been developed and tested within the desired use case environment.

Our goal within the ELIIT program is to

  • validate the upgraded prototype solution according to the specific requirements and expected performance levels of the sports and fitness market
  • upgrade the manufacturing process and configure all technical processes and systems to produce a market-ready product


  • In the fast-paced and evolving smart-clothing market, the main objective is to have a compound annual growth rate of 9.4%.
  • Provide a unique product that keeps pace with the accelerating progress of sports, wellness and health solutions.
  • Combine several competitive advantages, including established textile manufacturing solutions, smart but sustainable products and services, and the use of natural yarns in smart clothing.

Outcome of ELIIT project support

Impact (to date): ELIIT's support is crucial for our business evolution in e-textiles and new opportunities in integrating a whole new range of advanced high technology textile products.

“We learned more about overcoming the complexity of combining different sectors, such as textiles, science and electronics and finding the route to achieving a successful combination.

In the future, we'll use the experience and collaborations derived from the ELIIT Project to further expand our e-textiles product range.
We definitely recommend the ELIIT project for the support on networking and the visibility gained, as well as to test the capabilities of the team and to develop additional partnerships, new business models and products.”


SME: Pepper Vally

Country: Greece
Year of creation: 2011
Background: Pepper Vally specialises in sustainable textiles manufacturing and design.
More information: company website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

Technical provider: Blautic Designs, SL

Country: Spain
Year of creation: 2017
Background: Blautic is a wireless electronics design company with products based on advanced sensors, wireless technologies and Artificial Intelligence.
More information: company website, Twitter