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Functional coatings for fire protection textiles: heat storage and heat dissipation capacity

Sectors covered
Technology innovation in textile & clothing
Innovation priority
Smart, high-performance materials
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The project aims to implement a previously developed technology (laboratory scale) based on the use of PCM-CMs composites in the field of technical textiles. Specifically, the goal is to increase the thermal comfort of fabrics used for the manufacturing of firefighters’ garments.

The objective is to develop and validate firefighters’ fabrics with heat storage capacity and heat dissipation capacity to improve firefighters’ comfort and reduce thermal stress. The technology will be based on the incorporation of composites formed by Phase Change Materials (PCMs, latent heat storage capacity) and carbon materials (CMs, high thermal conductivity).

The consortium consists of two companies, Applynano Solutions, S.L., located in Spain and Stimpex located in Romania, with Applynano as the technology provider and Stimpex the company in charge of the introduction and technology exploitation in the field of firefighters’ garments.
With the project, the partners will boost the use of applied research on materials development in the field of advanced textiles.


Functex’ main objective is to validate and implement the technology based on the use of PCM-CM composites to obtain textiles for firefighters and industrial protection with heat storage properties and high thermal conductivity for heat dissipation capacity and thermal comfort, ultimately contributing to the reduction of thermal stress.

Outcome of ELIIT project support

Impact (to date): At the moment, we have not yet evaluated the impact of the Functex project as we are still at the early stages. Our expectations are

  • the validation of the developed technology at an industrial scale which will allow Applynano to commercialise our products with a specialised SME (Stimpex) in the firefighter textiles sector and within the EU, opening new market options for Applynano.
  • the implementation of the technology in different sectors, such as the industrial textiles sector



Country: Spain
Year of creation: 2015
Background: Manufacturers and suppliers of graphene derivatives (own-production), graphene-based and other nanomaterial-based polymers, both thermosetting and thermoplastic
More information: company website, Facebook, LinkedIn

Technical provider: STIMPEX, SA

Country: Romania
Year of creation: 1991
Background: STIMPEX is a SME based in Romania, specialised in the production and commercialisation of protective garments for army, policy and first intervention personnel.
More information: company website