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Iroony hemp materials development by Ionic Liquid technology

Sectors covered
Technology innovation in textile & clothing
Innovation priority
Smart, high-performance materials
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There is a growing need from textile, clothing and footwear companies for sustainable materials, preserving ecosystems and mitigating the effects of climate change. This need is due to the increasing demand from customers aware of the environmental and social negative impacts of the textile sector. Additionally, the scarcity of natural resources such as water will massively impact on the materials sourcing and also new regulations could compel the sector to change to more environmentally friendly models.

In this context, the partnership between the French SME RBX Créations and the German Technology provider DITF aims at developing new materials, combining low environmental impact and a high level of comfort and performance. Those materials will be commercialised using the brand name 'Iroony'. RBX Créations has developed a new process using hemp that takes the high potential of this ecological resource and adds further value to it. Iroony materials will result from a double innovation

  • RBX Créations process to turn hemp seeds by-products into cellulosic pulp combining food and textile valorisations from the same crop
  • DITF Ionic Liquid (IL) technology, an environmentally friendly process which can transform pulp into polyvalent, performant and biodegradable textile fibres


RBX Créations goal is to set up an industrial facility of Iroony materials production, this project is expected to bring to a long-term the partnership with DITF, so that Ionic Liquid process can be applied to large quantities of hemp and Iroony materials can be used by numerous brands. This would be a major step forward, for the EU textile sector to be more resilient and cleaner from the upstream of its supply chain.

Outcome of ELIIT project support

Impact (to date):

  • The interest from our network is growing: we have developed relationships with companies willing to try the fibres, and they look forward to seeing and trying the prototypes of fibres expected through ELIIT project.
  • At the end of the ELIIT project, our market development will be measured by the opportunity to conclude a partnership using Iroony materials with an industrial entity or brand, or at least collect proof of interest for Iroony fibres from the market.


SME: RBX Créations

Country: France
Year of creation: 2016
Background: RBX Créations started with the creation of Gorfoo clothing brand, which offers clothes and accessories made in sustainable materials including traditional hemp. Since 2018 it has been focused on innovation applied to hemp, to develop new materials (“Iroony” materials), from hemp directly provided by the farmers.
More information: company website, Instagram

Technical provider: DITF

Country: Germany
Year of creation: 1921
Background: DITF is the largest Textile Research Centre in Europe and performs interdisciplinary, public research (regional, national and EU) and industrial projects and services for all organizations involved in fibres and textile in many sectors (e.g. mobility, construction and architecture, health care and medicine, fashion and functional clothing, interior and outdoor objects, and energy, environment and resource efficiency).
More information: company website, LinkedIn