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Sensor-based smart heated technology for ice-skating boots

Sectors covered
Technology innovation in footwear & leather
Innovation priority
High-value added solutions for attractive growth markets



Ice-skating is a sport commonly performed in a cold environment with temperatures of 0°C or below, in which the feet are intimately connected to the boots without movement possibility, generating thus, one of the most common issue represented by cold feet. This limits the comfort of the skater, training duration and its frequency, as well as affecting heatlh, safety and performance of figure-skating athletes. Currently, there is no active heating system specifically for ice-skating on the market.

Currently, there is no active heating system specifically for ice-skating on the market.

To enhance the comfort and improve the health and the safety on ice, the partners aim to develop a dedicated solution with heating support for athletes and coaches. 

To implement the project Edea, as a leading manufacturer of ice-skating boots, has teamed up with the wearable technology provider, Vulpés, to develop and integrate the sensor-based thermoregulation technology inside the ice-skating boot.


The Smart Ice-Skating boots project conducted by Edea (Italy) and Vulpes (Germany) aims to develop and launch the first sensor-based, smartphone controlled, heated ice-skating boots. With this partnership the companies intend to introduce the heating system into the ice-skating market which keeps the feet warm before and during the sport activities.

Outcome of ELIIT project support

Impact (to date):

ELLIT project will allow the partners to increase the TRL / MRL, in order to scale-up and mass produce smart heated insolesbe able to offer new added-value features to the ice-skating sports industry.


SME: Edea srl.

Country: Italy
Year of creation: 2002
Background: Edea is an Italian brand that embodies innovation, Italian style and modern craftsmanship in skating boots. The company designs, develops and manufactures lightweight and robust boots in Italy having full control over the production. With an established sales and distribution network, Edea sells its products all over the globe and supplies Olympic teams with its high-end ice-skating products.
More information: company website, Instagram,

Technical provider: Vulpés Electronics GmbH

Country: Germany
Year of creation: 2014
Background: Vulpés designs, develops, and distributes smartphone-controlled heated products such as heated footwear, gloves, outerwear and other therapeutic accessories. Among the smart heated products, Vulpés has advanced communication, heating and sensor-technology. Furthermore, the company focuses on simple UI and deep-tech integration to enhance the user’s comfort. The company is active in sports, leisure, industry, defence, and health care sectors.
More information: company website, Instagram,