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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
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The European light industries innovation and technology (ELIIT) project aims to bolster SMEs' competitiveness in the textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries (TCLF). Its main goals are to 

  • promote the uptake of novel and innovative technologies by these SMEs, as a key element to guarantee their competitiveness 
  • boost international opportunities and innovation prospects for these SMEs in the single market and beyond
  • promote collaboration between TCLF SMEs and technology providers/owners

The ELIIT project aims to reinforce the innovativeness and competitiveness of the TCLF industries as well as other related industries (new technologies, materials, e.g.) by promoting cross-fertilisation between sectors that would find it difficult to cooperate without hands-on support.

We support 25 selected partnerships addressing technology innovation and transfer in the European industry, allowing the advance to the most innovative products, materials, processes and business models with the highest added value and new entrepreneurship models, ensuring long-term competitiveness, interaction with commercial key stakeholders and IPR protection for SMEs.

ELIIT will help these SMEs overcome obstacles in the integration, implementation and use of advanced technologies as well as those in the way of entering niche-markets for new products and services. Finally, it will create stronger synergies between active businesses in TCLF industries and providers and owners of technology.

ELIIT project organisation

The ELIIT project is funded by COSME, the EU’s programme for the competitiveness of enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and is managed and implemented by a consortium formed by

  • AITEX - Textile Industry Research Association
  • INESCOP - Footwear Technology Center
  • CARSA - Strategic Consultancy Services
  • GOPA Com.
  • Anna Maria Stein with the support from Eversheds Sutherland

Steering board

The ELIIT project's steering board played an active role during the evaluation and selection processes of the ELIIT partnership project proposals. It also helped the partners involved in these projects improve possible shortcomings.

The steering board is formed by renowned independent experts in industrial processes, technologies and emerging markets related to the textile, clothing, leather and footwear sectors (TCLF).

See the steering board members' profiles to learn more about them.

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