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Key facts

Sectors covered: Technological innovation in textiles and clothing

Innovation priority: Smart, high-performance materials

Start: September 2021

ELIIT funding: €70 000

Madesign is developing and producing the Dynaback shirt. This is a smart, connected garment that uses electronic circuits and algorithms developed in-house to monitor wearers’ movements.

Data is then processed, and feedback is provided to users to give them meaningful insights into their movement and enable them to adopt healthier movements.

The garment is currently intended to help improve health and safety in the workplace.

What's the goal?

Within the Dynabric project, Madesign has partnered with Liebaert to optimise the production process to create a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing garment.

The focus is on the complete and seamless integration of the electronic circuits into the textiles of the clothing to improve user-friendliness and the overall user experience.

Key challenges

The main challenge for the Dynabric project is to reduce and optimise the number of steps along the Dynaback shirt assembly line.

How has ELIIT helped?

ELIIT support has enabled the partners to cut a number of steps in the manufacturing process. It has also helped redesign and adapt production machinery to take account of the shortcomings of the previous version of the garment.

In addition, ELIIT’s assistance has enabled the production of a first iteration of the conductive tape to be used in the shirt.

Meet the partners

Madesign is a young Bulgarian company developing consumer goods, particularly wearables, to help improve people’s health. It is currently focused on releasing its first product: the Dynaback shirt.

Liebaert is a Belgian textile company with over 135 years of experience. It specialises in the elastic warp, circular knit fabrics, and woven and knitted tapes. The company has customers in various industries, ranging from traditional fields such as sportswear and intimate wear to more complex sectors such as medical and automotive applications.

SME: Madesign Ltd

Country: Bulgaria
Founded: 2015

Tech provider: Liebaert

Country: Belgium
Founded: 1887