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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Evaluating your digital progress

(Duration: 11.58)

What you will learn from this webinar

  1. how to evaluate your progress when using digital technologies to support business growth, reduce your costs and become more efficient
  2. how to identify your ‘digital gap’ – the gap between your current use of digital technology and the standard of where you should be, in terms of the opportunities available
  3. how to develop a digital action plan by listing the main areas for future improvement
  4. how to improve your use of digital across different channels – such as your website, use of social media, mobile, and internally – to improve efficiency and reduce costs

How this webinar can help your tourism business

It will help you to evaluate your digital progress against your business’ potential, providing an indication of where you could, or indeed, should be in terms of using digital technology. In addition, the information provided in this webinar can assist you in finalising an action plan.