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Marché intérieur, industrie, entrepreneuriat et PME

Using data and analytics to increase your profit and business reach

(Duration: 20.17)

What you will learn from this webinar

  1. the definition of 'big data', and why it could be significant for your business
  2. how to get the most out of big data using both web and internal analytical tools
  3. the best practice techniques for using these analytical tools
  4. how to make changes to your business using this analysis
  5. the ethical and technical issues related to data analysis and collection

How this webinar can help your tourism business

This webinar will explain the positive effects that data, and its analysis, can have on your business. It will also describe how this information can increase your business reach and profitability, and ultimately provide you with valuable insight into how to run your business. When you understand the importance of big data, and how to both process and analyse it, you can gain a variety of benefits.