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Commitments and pledges for the transition of EU tourism

This page gives a general overview of commitments and pledges made by stakeholders to contribute to the transition pathway for tourism.

After the co-creation process of the Transition Pathway, we now work on co-implementation.  

In February 2022, the European Commission launched a call for commitments after publishing the Transition Pathway for tourism. We invited tourism stakeholders to share their concrete actions and targets to contribute to the green and digital transition, and increase the tourism ecosystem's resilience. In particular, those in line with measures recognised by the transition pathway co-creation process. These pledges help shape how we implement the transition pathway through collaboration in the Together for EU Tourism community.

We have already received the first, second and third batch of commitments and pledges, showing good leadership and examples for others to follow.

Summary reports on the first, second and  third batches of published commitments highlight interesting message and great examples of concrete actions to support the transition of EU tourism. We invite you to read these summaries, explore the published pledges and join the Together for EU Tourism community.

The call for commitments will be open as long as we implement the Transition Pathway and we invite tourism stakeholders to express their pledges and commitments via the online commitments collection form. Stock-taking and the publication of newly received and updated commitments will take place up to 3 times a year.