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sisämarkkinat, teollisuus, yrittäjyys ja pk-yritystoiminta
30th anniversary of the single market

1993 – 2023

In 2023, Europe’s single market turns 30!

What are the key benefits of the single market?

Success stories

Key achievements of the single market

Single Market Programme (SMP)

The Single Market Programme (SMP) is the EU funding programme to help the single market reach its full potential and ensure Europe’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

With €4.2 billion over the period of 2021-2027, it provides an integrated package to support and strengthen the governance of the single market.

Single market activities throughout 2023

Want to find out what the single market does for you or join the celebrations?

Look no further.

To mark the 30th anniversary of the single market, you’re invited to join us at one of the many events, talks and exhibitions organised by the Commission and many different stakeholders that will take place throughout 2023 across the EU.

They will gradually appear on the map below.

Flagship events

  1. 7-8 December 2022
    Prague academic and policy conferences
    • 7 December, an academic conference, brought together top researchers from academia and policy makers from EU and national institutions to present research findings and policy insights related to the single market. Speakers' presentations and recordings of all sessions are now available.
    • 8 December, a political conference, focused on the further development of the Single Market and the vision for the next 30 years, its opportunities and risks for further integration. One panel was dedicated to how we can further remove barriers for SMEs in the single market.
  2. 16-17 January 2023
    January EP plenary session: debate

    During the plenary, the European Parliament looked at how the single market has transformed Europe since its launch in 1993 and what else should be done to make full use of its potential.

  3. 24-25 January 2023
    EESC 575th Plenary session - 30 years of the Single Market, our greatest success but also the biggest challenge for the next generation
  4. 16 March 2023
    Adoption of the "Single Market at 30" communication

    See the adopted communication and factsheet.

  5. 17-21 April 2023
    Hannover Messe 2023

    The Commission had a prominent presence at the Hannover Fair 2023. More than 20 panels at the Commission stand’s auditorium hosted a total of about 600 visitors. The Commission was represented by several high-level speakers from the DG, including Director-General Kerstin Jorna, Deputy Director-General Maive Rute, Directors Jakub Boratynski and Kristin Schreiber, who contributed to the panels and discussions. Commission staff seized the opportunity to engage throughout the week with stakeholders from industry, academia, and beyond, and to showcase their work to support economic growth and innovation across Europe.

  6. 2 May 2023
    Single Market Forum

    On 2 May, the European Commission together with the Swedish Presidency co-hosted the Single Market Forum conference (SIMFO) to mark the 30th anniversary of the EU single market. A high-level panel discussed what can be done now and in the long term to improve the functioning of the single market. The panel also discussed what the EU single market has achieved in its first 30 years and emphasised the importance of long-term competitiveness for continued success. Issues discussed during the conference included the future of the single market, with a focus on the digital single market, standardisation and skills supply. The business sector, trade organisations, representatives from the EU and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Member States and other actors gave their views on how the single market can be improved.

    Watch the replay of the conference

  7. June 2023 - July 2023
    Social media campaign
  8. September 2023 – June 2024
    Single Market Tour

    Check out the Single Market Tour page for more information and its itinerary

  9. 15 September 2023
    The Single Market in its 30th anniversary and beyond

    Two panels will be held in the European Commission Representation in Madrid.

    Panel 1: 30 years of the Single Market: achievements and challenges ahead

    In this first panel, speakers will reflect on the achievements of the Single Market throughout the past 3 decades, while delving into the challenges facing the EU's continued influence in the world today, and how the Single Market can contribute to sustain European values and prosperity.

    Panel 2: The next 30 years: The citizen at the core of the Single Market agenda

    This second panel will analyse the EU’s priority areas, policies and tools to contribute to more resilient, cohesive, inclusive and sustainable societies across EU countries.

  10. 4-6 October 2023
    EU Industry Days 2023 in Málaga

    The EU Industry Days are Europe’s flagship annual event focussing on key industrial policy discussions, connecting industrial frontrunners, and boosting the knowledge base of European industry. It serves as an open forum to discuss industrial challenges and co-create solutions and policy responses in an inclusive dialogue with a wide range of partners from industry, EU countries, civil society organisations, universities, and citizens. The 2023 edition will focus on the main drivers; the opportunities and challenges of the green, digital, and resilient transition; EU open strategic autonomy and on the integration of Ukraine into the single market and reinforcement of the EU defence industry capacity.

    Apply now to organise stakeholder sessions during the event. Applications are open until 26 June at 12:00 CEST.

    See all the call’s information and the selection criteria.

  11. 13-15 November 2023
    SME Assembly 2023 in Bilbao
  12. 15-17 November 2023
    EEN Annual Conference in Bilbao

Online quiz: What are the benefits of the EU single market?

The single market enables people, goods, services and capital to move freely across EU countries. There are also many other benefits to discover. You can find out more about your single market rights and it will also help you with the quiz!

Please note that the competition to win a prize ended on 12 July. But you can still play for fun!

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Single Market Tour

Starting in September 2023, the Single Market Tour will embark on a journey across Europe, visiting 16 cities in 7 countries this year. There will be further destinations in 2024.

This travelling exhibition will showcase the many benefits and opportunities of the single market. It will feature engaging and interactive activities, challenging games, and insightful interviews.

You will have the chance to learn more about this cornerstone of the EU while enjoying an entertaining experience. Don't forget to test your knowledge through our quizzes, with the chance to win exclusive prizes.

Check out the Single Market Tour page for more information and its itinerary. Please note that some dates may change.

Promotional materials

Communication toolkit

The style guide was last updated on: 29 March 2023.

30th anniversary of the single market - visual style guide
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Templates for print

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The single market turns 30 in 2023, the European Parliament continues to work to adapt the single market further to respond to current challenges and make full use of its potential (16 January 2023)

Discover how Enterprise European Network experts can provide tailored advice on product compliance, taxation and regulatory rules, international business opportunities, intellectual property, and more (9 January 2023)

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