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Measuring instruments - Guidance documents

Guidance documents

To ensure a coherent application of the measuring instruments directives, the Commission and WELMEC (European Cooperation in Legal Metrology) prepared a set of guidance documents - see Commission statement to WELMEC on cooperation (27kB).

The guidance documents were agreed by the Commission's working group 'measuring instruments' that is composed of representatives of authorities, European federations, notified bodies and European standardisation organisations. The group is chaired by a representative of the Commission services.

Status of the guidance documents

The guidance documents are a not a legally binding interpretation of the directive. The legally binding text remains that of Directives 2014/31/EU and 2014/32/EU. However, the guidance documents represent a reference for ensuring consistent application of the directives by all those involved. Guidance documents are conceptual in their set-up and give a general context allowing to answer any questions of application that may arise.

Guidance documents

Guidance document on transition under Directive 2004/22/EC

In reaction to many questions by stakeholders about the transition period mentioned in Article 23 of Directive 2004/22/EC, the Commission services have presented a guidance document (22 kB) which has the agreement of all authorities. It offers a common approach to what is essentially the responsibility of each authority in the understanding that diverging approaches could lead to a less than smooth transition.