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Recognition of qualifications for people fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Commission has issued a recommendation with guidance to EU countries to facilitate the smooth integration of workers from Ukraine into the EU labour market.

The recommendation concerns workers who wish to pursue a regulated profession, for which prior recognition of their qualifications is necessary to enter the labour market of the host EU country.

The recommendation sets out how EU countries can speed up recognition procedures of academic and professional qualifications in line with the urgent needs of the current situation.

It also clarifies how EU countries can ensure that the minimum training requirements set out in Directive 2005/36/EC for certain professions can be respected in cases where professionals fleeing from Ukraine do not meet the minimum standards, e.g. by employing them with a different status than that of a full professional.

The recommendation confirms the Commission's availability to support EU countries dealing with the crisis and ensure that people granted temporary protection can access the labour market and work in jobs for which they are actually qualified, without jeopardising patients' safety and consumer protection.