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SME Performance Review

The SME performance review is one of the main tools the European Commission uses to monitor and assess countries' progress in implementing the SME strategy and the Small Business Act (SBA). With an emphasis on the priorities under the SME strategy and the SBA, the review brings comprehensive information on the performance of SMEs. It consists of 2 parts: an annual report on European SMEs and SME country fact sheets.

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Annual report on European SMEs

Brussels, 20 June 2022 - The 2021/2022 annual report on European SMEs is now available.

The annual report, prepared on a yearly basis, provides a synopsis of the size, structure and importance of SMEs to the European economy and an overview of the past and forecasted performance of SMEs from 2008 to 2022.

Годишен доклад20 юни 2022
SME Performance Review Annual Report 2021/2022

Since early 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 23 million EU-27 SMEs, and more generally, SMEs throughout the world, have faced unprecedented economic uncertainty and turmoil. Moreover, through part of 2021, SMEs faced difficulties in hiring new staff to meet an unexpectedly strong rebound in demand, while also having to deal with sharp and rapid increases in the price of many of their inputs. At the same time as coping with extraordinary economic and social challenges during the last two years, SMEs have also had to prepare for the transition to a digital and sustainable economy.

This report reviews how EU-27 SMEs fared in 2020 and 2021, and how they are likely to perform in 2022. In addition, after an extensive discussion of the state of digitalisation of SMEs in last year’s SME Annual Report, this year the report examines how SMEs can increase their environmental sustainability.

Cover of the report
(6.28 MB - PDF)
20 ЮНИ 2022
SME Performance Review Annual Report 2021/2022 - background study
(3.55 MB - PDF)

SME fact sheets

The SME fact sheets present an assessment of the progress in the implementation of the SME Strategy and the Small Business Act at national level. They focus on key performance indicators and national policy developments related to SME policy.

EU countries in 2022

Non-EU countries

Prepared in cooperation with The Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations.

Additional documents

Please note: The fact sheets do not constitute a comprehensive assessment of country policies, but rather contribute to the assessments, and should be regarded as a supplement to, and not a substitute for, any other relevant in-depth studies of SME policies.