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Conversations with EEPA Category Winners - Startup Refugees

We had the incredible opportunity to sit down with the winners across various categories at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA). Today we are sharing the insights from the Winners of Category 6, Responsible and Inclusive Entrepreneurship, winner: Business Program - Startup Refugees.

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EEPA 2023 Compendium

The comprehensive 2023 EEPA Compendium is now available for you to read and explore.

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SME Assembly 2023: The Highlights

The SME Assembly 2023 in Bilbao was a testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe.

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SME Assembly Day 2: Celebrating Success in Bilbao

The second day of the Assembly was a true celebration of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable business practices. Starting with the opening of the SME Assembly and a message by Commissioner Thierry Breton it continued with Enrico Letta's participation and the EEPA awards.

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SME Assembly Day 1: A Grand Start at the Guggenheim Museum

The SME Assembly has started! Its celebration began with the Schumpeter lecture by Professor Saras Sarasvathy in the scenic setting of the Guggenheim Museum, and with tours and site visits in the region and local enterprises.