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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Companies use digital technology to transform their design, product and/or process development into a physical product or a product system or to create additional services.

All people involved in the design, production and supply chain are supported by digital and integrated processes. Integral control of the digital information flow ensures the simulation of virtual scenarios before actually implementing the activities. The digital factory guarantees the accuracy of the data at any given time, within the right context by, for example, striving to a ‘single source of truth’ situation where each data item is only entered once into the system and all other systems retrieve the data item automatically to create new data.

Enabling Infrastructure

The company puts in place a flexible and secure ICT infrastructure, enabling the digital transformation.

Digital capabilities

Besides having digital capabilities to use production and process data for optimisation, the company also has a clear vision on digitisation. This vision is translated into a roadmap or strategic plan.