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Employee involvement in the future development of the company is crucial. In the factory of the future, individual factory workers will evolve into a group of employees with the autonomy and space to channel their talent, creativity and initiatives within the context of an innovative organisation: an organisation where employees enjoy their active jobs for longer periods. Human-centred production deploys employees sustainably to carry out work processes, attain targets and guarantee the continuity of the company. The resulting climate is such that people sense the relevance of continuous learning and staying motivated to provide top performance. Human-centred production is the complete integration of ‘ability’ (increasing the sustainable deployability of employees), ‘willingness’ (improve ‘employer branding’) and ‘permission’ (contributing to a stimulating and innovative labour culture within company).
Individual employee

The company invests in challenging jobs, thereby focusing on individual growth and self-realisation, in terms of skills, knowledge and competences.


The organisation empowers teams to ensure efficient production. Teams work with authority and responsibility.


A clear vision and strategy is well deployed and new leadership roles have been developed


The organisation stimulates life-long learning using an open communication philosophy between all hierarchical levels.