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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Advanced manufacturing support for SMEs

To fully unlock the potential of European SMEs and take advantage of their innovative capacities, SMEs need support to overcome the main challenges they face, such as

  • attracting talent with the right qualifications and connect them with the right technologies, changing their mindset towards a more automated, digital way of working
  • accelerating innovation processes from concept to realisation
  • embracing digitisation, by providing a clear strategy to generate added value from (machine) data as well as real-time information on the shop floor
  • opening them to new business opportunities, creating value through servitisation, sustainability and resource efficiency

To help SMEs overcome the barriers for the adoption of these advanced manufacturing technologies, the ADMA initiative offers them a series of services, implemented by a partnership between technological entities, which will interact with SMEs to define their industrial needs, as well as non-technological partners, which have implemented comparable initiatives and either important stakeholders in their countries, experts in communication, or part of learning networks.

The partners of the consortium are situated in 9 countries in Western, Southern and Eastern Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, and Slovenia) hence, the consortium behind the European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre has an outstanding capacity to reach and support manufacturing SMEs in the 7 transformation areas identified.

Please take your time filling out the scan as responsibly as possible. The scan is intended to reflect your companies current situation towards becoming a factory of the future.

On behalf of the European Commission, the ADMA project team will process the results of the survey only to draft a report. Your privacy and personal data protection will be guaranteed in conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).