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Industrial Alliance on Processors and Semiconductor Technologies  

The Industrial Alliance for Processors and Semiconductor Technologies will call actors of the electronics value chain in the EU, including academia, research and technology organisations, but also users, to join forces to maintain and boost the competitiveness in this sector in the EU. 

Who can join and how

Any organisation can join by signing the declaration if they meet the eligibility criteria and have existing or planned activities in processor and semiconductor technologies. That includes end-user companies, associations, and research and technology organisations.

What the alliance does

The alliance aims to identify the existing gaps and the technology developments necessary for the competitiveness of companies and research and technology organisations active in the sector in the EU, including smaller European actors. This cooperation helps organisations overcome entry barriers, achieve critical mass and reduce dependencies in a concentrated industry.

The alliance will enhance and foster synergies across existing and future EU initiatives. It will equip the EU with the necessary capabilities in semiconductor technologies. In doing so, it will power its critical digital infrastructure and communication networks, as well as verticals such as automotive, industrial automation, healthcare and AI-enabled systems.

This translates into two main lines of actions, addressing the main gaps Europe is facing.

First is reinforcing the European electronics design ecosystem. In particular, design at leading-edge nodes and open-source hardware solutions, to develop the most powerful and resource-efficient processors.

The second is establishing the necessary manufacturing capacity. This may include assembly testing and advanced packaging by a diversified mix of local and global players to produce the next generation of trusted processors, other electronic components and technologies. This will translate into a twin-track to be developed in parallel: moving Europe towards a production capacity of 16 nanometres (nm) to 10 nanometres, as well as below 5 nm to 2 nm and beyond.

More information

Webpage on Industrial Alliance on Processors and Semiconductor Technologies