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Study on the measurement of cross-border penetration in the EU public procurement market

This study looks at recent cross-border activity in EU public procurement and updates the timeline of indicators calculated in two previous similar studies.


Közzététel dátuma
2021. június 7.
Belső Piaci, Ipar-, Vállalkozás- és Kkv-politikai Főigazgatóság


Following a top-down approach, the study includes macro data on the potential size of the cross-border public procurement market, as well as a statistical analysis using micro data to quantify and analyse the factors related to cross-border procurement.

Additionally, it presents novel aspects that reflect increased integration due to the extension of global value chains. To improve the accuracy of macro measurement and, to some extent, micro measurement, the study lays out novel quantification methods that include existing value-added supply chains.

The complete study contains a vast amount of information on the characteristics of public procurement contract awards registered in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU from 2016 to 2019, with some sections covering an even wider time frame (2009-2016).


Efficient and transparent public procurement can help address the major challenges Europe faces, especially when it comes to creating sustainable economic growth and new jobs. Through improved procurement practices, public authorities can get better value for money and contribute to a more innovative, sustainable, inclusive, and competitive economy, while also tackling societal policy objectives.

Improving public procurement is also part of the European Commission’s strategy for a stronger single market. The economic integration brought by the single market remains a key driver of wealth creation and economic competitiveness. A clear and precise picture of cross-border procurement trends can help the Commission take informed actions and make potential changes to EU rules.


Study on the measurement of cross-border penetration in the EU public procurement market